Flood of January 1959 – East Main Street at Alum Creek

The winter of 1958-59 began with low temperatures and snow. On January 22, 1959, rain began falling on the frozen, snow covered ground, which created the most destructive flooding in Ohio since the Great Flood of 1913.

The rain began melting the snow, but with the ground so frozen, all waterways quickly filled and spilled their banks.

Columbus was the most severely effected of Ohio’s major cities, with many streets flooded, 100 homes badly damages, and 3,200 evacuees cared for at Red Cross shelters – which included school gymnasiums, the (former) Veterans Memorial building and the Naval Reserve Training Center.

Written by Nancy Beck
Originally published in Historical Herald, Fall 2018

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    Judy Godby says:

    I just remember as a little girl, we lived in aberdeen,ohio. The river came all the way up to our back porch.

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