The Refugee Tract and the Nelson Family

Bexley sits within the Refugee Tract. Learn more about this and the first family here.

Camp Bushnell

It’s 1898 and the Spanish-American War is revving up. Camp Bushnell, in what would become Bexley, was one of the mustering points for soldiers!


How was Bexley founded? On the front porch of Jeffrey Mansion!

How Bexley Grew

Did Bexley grow north to south, east to west or come into being fully formed? Read here to learn the answer.

Mail Order Homes in Bexley – Sears Catalog Homes

Not all houses were custom built. The early 1900’s was the heyday for “kit” houses found in catalogs!

Fight for Suffrage

The early 1900’s was also the time when women fought for the right to vote. Bexley was a part of this progressive movement!

The Last ‘Paperhanging’ in Bexley

Before the creation of many vaccines and penicillin, households impacted by contagious disease, like measles, were quarantined. “Paperhanging” was used to inform the public.

The Flood of 1959

When there was so much snow that the spring thaw meant Alum Creek flooded.

A Recollection on Bexley’s Founding at the Time of our 100th Anniversary

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