Founded in 1908, Bexley is one of the earliest suburbs of Columbus, but it was home to Native Americans long before Ohio became a state and Columbus its capital. Bexley packs a wealth of history and culture into less than two and a half square miles. It has been home to governors, award-winning authors, artists, movie stars, business leaders, and a famed aviatrix. Bexley has a long history of diversity and inclusion, welcoming people of all faiths and ethnicities. Bordered on all sides by the city of Columbus, Bexley has still been able to maintain a unique economic vitality characterized by businesses of all types for over 100 years. Just as notable is the city’s wide array of churches and synagogues, as well as high-quality public and private educational institutions, including Capital University, that educate students from grammar school through graduate studies.

In 2014, the Bexley Historical Society published a book full of pictures and information on Bexley’s history. This book was compiled in cooperation with community residents who shared their photos and stories with historical society members. It was published by Arcadia Publishing as part of their Images of America series. You can find the book at local bookstores, at Barnes & Noble, and at Bexley Historical Society also has copies for sale which you can purchase by contacting us.

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