Early 1900s

By 1906, the area north of Town Street (now Bryden Road) continued to develop as an exclusive residential community of prominent Central Ohio families led by R.H. Jeffrey, who later became Mayor of Columbus.  They established rigid building restrictions which are credited with the character of the areas subsequent growth.

At the same time, residents in the university area also felt the need for controlled growth and in January 1907 established the Pleasant Ridge Improvement Association.  Its founders pledged to organize and develop the flourishing community by building roads and cinder sidewalks, installing lights, encouraging residents to plant trees and inducing “desirable people to buy property and locate in the community”.

The Pleasant Ridge Improvement Association also pioneered the first street lighting system in the community.  A Capital University Student submitted the lowest of the bids which ranged from two dollars to ninety-five cents to install each of the sixteen gas lamps.