Message from the President – David Baker

On behalf of the Bexley Historical Society’s Board of Trustees, a huge “Thank You” to Mayor David Madison and Helen MacMurray, President of Bexley City Council, and council members for making possible the society’s move to their new home at 2080 Clifton Avenue.

Thank you to David Long, City of Bexley Building Service Director, and William Bellamy, Asst. Code Enforcement Officer. They have been generous with their time and have provided much appreciated advice and help. We also thank the following individuals for their expertise, time and/or materials.

  • Mark Epstein, Ohio Historical Preservation Office
  • Doug Jackson, Director Bexley Parks and Recreation
  • Kylie Towers, Curator, KKG National Heritage Museum
  • Paula Browne and Jean Elin, decorating advice
  • Don Dill, Bob Macklin and Beth Middlemus, helping host the July 4th Open House
  • Bill (Executive Director, Ohio Historical Society) and Donna Laidow, advice
  • Betsy Middlemus, caterer, July 4th Open House
  • Patty Offenberg, design plans

And our thanks to the numerous others who have expressed interest in the cottage. We know we can count on their help in the future.

Originally published in Historical Herald, December 2006

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