The past summer, the Bexley Historical Society contracted with Ritchey Construction, Inc., for several repairs and renovation projects to the Cottage.

They cut back the rafter tails, which unfortunately had rotted beyond repair. On the sun porch, they glazed and painted the outside of the windows, door and exposed wood. The front porch and door overhang received some much needed attention with primer and paint. Ritchey Construction carefully matched the exterior paint color to preserve the historical character of the building.

With these repairs completed, the Society now turns to the next Wish List item in need of attention: The unsafe basement steps. To reach the steps, heavy wooden cellar doors must first be lifted. there is no railing and the steps themselves are both shallow and steep with an uneven rise between them. Bexley Historical Society considers this a high priority project.

Originally published in Historical Herald, Winter 2017

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