Kim Feinknopf-Dorrian

A sixth generation Columbus-ite/ third generation Bexley resident, Kim Feinknopf-Dorrian is well rooted in our community. Kim’s family history goes back to the first Rabbi in Columbus and includes early Bexley home builder, Mark D. Feinknopf and former Bexley architect Mark G. Feinknopf. Her Bexley connection continues today with two children at Montrose Elementary, Mason and Lainey.

Kim graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, lived in Florence, Italy and then continued on to work at Christies Art Auction House in NY. When she returned to Columbus, her work included acting as a curator of objects and photographs of the Ohio Historical Society for 20 years, curating the 19th century Kelton House Museum, developing an early archive of Temple Israel, creating a public archives for Greenlawn Cemetery and acting as board member and archivist at Columbus Jewish Historical Society.

Today she provides expertise in antiques to people all of the world for Just Answer, an online platform of verified experts and runs a material preservation service called FPS Preservation.

Originally published in Historical Herald, February 2011

Diane Tague Peterson

As a lifelong Bexley resident, Diane Tague Peterson is thrilled to be joining the Bexley Historical Society Board of Trustees. A community volunteer, Diane served on the Bexley Board of Education form 2001-2011, serving as President from 2007-2008. Currently, she is a member of the Bexley Women’s Club, and an active member of Bexley Untied Methodist Church. Family history runs deep in Bexley for Diane’s family. Her grandmother, Julia Spohr, was the first PTA President at Maryland Elementary School, when the school opened in 1950. Diane’s mother, Jan Tague, has been actively involved in a variety of community organizations. Diane has lived in all 3 areas of Bexley, throughout her life. She and her husband, Craig, are 1986 graduates of Bexley High School. They have 2 daughters, Keri and Courtney, who are 4th generation students attending Bexley High School.

Originally published in Historical Herald, November 2011

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