The Bexley Historical Society recently debuted a new logo based on the iconic Drexel Circle.

Edie Mae Herrel, at the request of the Board, created the logo’s concept which depicts features found at Drexel Circle.

Shown is:

  • the BOULDER that honors Camp Bushnell, which covered several acres in the area and served as a mustering camp for soldiers preparing for the Spanish-American War;
  • the OBELISK honoring World War II veterans from Bexley;
  • a TREE to symbolize our Arboretum City;
  • FLOWERS that decorate the circle with color every year; and
  • an AMERICAN FLAG extended past the drawn oval to celebrate all those from Bexley who go beyond our boundaries and participate in meaningful ways in the greater community.
  • The WHITE background, with a BLUE accent represents Bexley’s colors.

Members of the Bexley Historical Society receive a sticker of this logo. Join us and get yours.

Originally published in Historical Herald, Winter 2017

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