About Us

Who We Are

Remarkable families.
Long-standing businesses.
Worldwide contributions.

​It’s no wonder that Bexley boasts families that have resided here for generations.  Nestled among its charming tree-lined streets have lived entrepreneurs, explorers, artists, and more.

Founded in 1974, the Bexley Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes interest and pride in the history of Bexley, Ohio, and the accomplishments of its citizens and institutions. It seeks to educate the community by assembling, researching, publishing, preserving, and interpreting a valuable collection of memorabilia, photographs, genealogical records, and other information associated with Bexley’s heritage.

Left to Right: Cindy Lindsay, Glenn Soden, Walter Buchsieb, Amy Goldstein, Stephen Brubaker, Michael W. Kilbourne, Ron Robins, Nancy Beck, David Madison

Board of Trustees

Glenn Soden – President
​Amy Goldstein – Vice President
Stacy Grossman – Secretary
Martina Campoamor – Treasurer

Nancy Beck
Bryan Drewry
Michael Kilbourne
David Madison
Ron Robins
Sheila Straub

Stephen Brubaker
Mark Epstein
Scott King-Owen
Connie McCleary Ostrove
Gail Gilbert Storer

Ed Hamblin – Consultant/Advisor
Edie Mae Herrel – Founder/Advisor
Cindy Lindsay – Bexley Public Library
Rich Campoamor – Technical Advisor
Walter Buchsieb DDS, MS – Trustee Emeritus