In addition to maintaining the Cottage Museum, the Bexley Historical Society has taken on a number of projects. Some of our projects are listed below.

Our newsletters are written by a team of volunteers, and are usually sent out once a year to our members. 
Moving forward, articles from the Newsletter will be available on the website under the Articles link.

In 2014, the Bexley Historical Society published Bexley: Images of America, available for purchase at the Cottage Museum, containing photos and the history of Bexley.

In 2013, Bexley Public Library and the Bexley Historical Society received a grant from the Bexley Community Foundation to buy equipment to digitize Bexley High School yearbooks and other items in the Bexley Historical Society collection. This digitization effort is ongoing.

The Bexley Histor​​ical Society has been conducting oral history interviews with current and former Bexley residents to find out more about the history of the area, and their family’s involvement.  This, too, is an ongoing effort.

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