In 1907, Andrew and Anna Boesch bought the home at 783 College Avenue on a a land contract from the Valentine family. According to Franklin County Auditor Records, the home was built in 1906. Andrew and Anna moved into an almost new residence.

Throughout the years, succeeding generations of the Boesch family have resided here. The backyard had fruit trees and a grape arbor, along with a sizeable garden.

The Boesches kept a rabbit hutch and a chicken coop. their pantry had canned goods and the larder was always full. Then, in 1970, the home was sold to another family. The sale meant the end of an era for the Boesch family.

However, for 60+ years, 783 College Avenue was home to the Boesch Family. The next time you drive down College Avenue, make it a point to stop, take a step back into time, take a look at the old Boesch house, and experience a bit of Bexley’s historic past.

Originally published in Historical Herald, November 2011

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