I am Jason Russ, an attorney whose practice is mainly composed of juvenile law cases. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and East Asian Languages and Cultrues from Indiana University and a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law. I have been a member of the Ohio Bar since 1994. My interest include history, national parks, and exercising. I live on Bullitt Park Place with my wife, Jill, and two children, Benjamin and Zachary.

I am Robyn Jones. I have been a Bexley resident since 1984. Having grown up on a farm (a long distance from a library or restaurant), I truly appreciate the beauty and convenience of the city. I have degrees from Ohio University and The Ohio State University, as well as a law degree from Capital University. I learned my love of history from my mother, taking trips with her to Gettysburg, Andersonville, and our local Camp Chase cemetery. As a current Bexley City Council member, I have been lucky to have opportunities to learn more about our local history, and look forward to continuing the journey.

I am JoAnne Grossman, a long-time member of the Bexley community and lover of its history and character. I have been active in many community causes in Bexley and other places that I have lived. Serving as a trustee on the Bexley Historical Society will provide me with the opportunity to continue my devotion to community activism and service.

Originally published in Historical Herald, July 2009

Beth Sauer. Being a third-generation resident, Beth Sauer brings to the Bexley Historical Society not only her own experiences of living in Bexley as a child and as an adult, but also those stories and memories of her parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Beth taught first grade in both public and private schools, but now enjoys being a stay-at-home mom as the mother of two children – Ed and Sally. She remains connected to the educational system through tutoring and the Maryland Avenue PTO. Additional community involvement includes active membership in the Columbus Female Benevolent Society, Mary Ritter Garden Club, and volunteering at Broad Street Presbyterian Church.

Originally published in Historical Herald, November 2009

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