I am Barbara Page. I was born and raised in Bexley. I attended and graduated from Bexley schools. Following high school, I graduated from OSU with a degree in elementary education. My four children all went through Bexley school system. Two of my children are raising their families here and my grandparents and parents were early residents of Bexley. Through the years, our family members, myself included, have served on many boards, committees, and organizations. The Bexley Historical Society offers me another opportunity to serve our very special community.

I am Carol Rich, a freelance writer who has lived in Bexley since 1980. I majored in history at George Washington University and have always been interested in learning about the past. I joined the Bexley Historical Society Board so I could help Bexley residents become more knowledgeable about their city’s history and, as a result, see Bexley in a new way.

I am Chris Pedon, a Bexley person through and through. I was born here in 1963 and have lived here all my life, except for a short journey to The Ohio State University, where I graduated with a a degree in Real Estate Finance in 1987. I married my High School sweetheart, also class of 1982, Tammy Diehl. We have been married for seventeen years and have three boys, now attending Bexley schools – Locan, Anders and Noah. I am a believer in the Woody Hayes philosophy of “pay forward”, which has kept me involved with our local community through committee work, with the Bexley Celebrations Association, the Bexley Alumni Association and now the Bexley Historical Society. I believe a community rich in history, like Bexley, deserves to have that history preserved. I hope to be an asset to the group and community through my service.

Originally published in Historical Herald, November 2008

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