Interview with Alma McGuire, retired secretary, Bexley Parks and Recreation. Interview date not given.

Bexley Historical Society Cottage

Alma McGuire recalled that Mr. Robert H. Jeffrey attended her wedding when she married Robert McGuire. Alma’s father-in-law, Bill McGuire, was Mr. Jeffrey’s chauffeur.

Alma stated that her husband grew up in the cottage down by the swimming pool. She also said that the cottage was one of the first prefab homes ever erected and that Mr. Jeffrey installed it for his grounds maintenance supervisor. When the supervisor left, Bill McGuire and his family moved into the cottage. Mr. McGuire than took care of the Jeffrey grounds for about 20 years.

Mark Epstein, Ohio Historical Preservation Office and a Bexley resident, did extensive research into the cottage. Quoting from a section of his report presented to the Bexley Historical Society Board, May 2006, “The house was probably built in the 1920’s, but I have found no clear evidence of that yet. It is rumored to be a catalog house, but I have no clear evidence of that yet, either. I have heard 1022 given as date of construction…”

Do you have any information related to the history of the cottage? The Historical Society would be most appreciative if you’d share that history.

Originally published in Historical Herald, December 2006

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