Bexley – A History: Camp Bushnell

The Spanish-American War, Camp Bushnell and Bexley
April 1898 – May 1898

Camp Bushnell, in a country setting, covered approximately 500 acres of the Bullet Park Addition – property of Logan M. Bullitt of Philadelphia, PA.

At the request of Ohio Governor Asa Bushnell, Mr. Bullitt agreed to the mobilization camp on his property. Infrastructure improvements were brought east from Columbus, in order for the camp to function. In about a month’s time, more than 15,000 troops were mustered and moved into service.

The camp closed before the end of May, but the water and sewer lines brought to the camp helped spur residential development.

The Bexley Historical Society Board, and specifically Dr. Walter Buchsieb, has been in discussions with the City as to the placement of a graphic 18″ x 24″ panel with photos and text about Camp Bushnell and its impact on the area.

Approval for the panel has been granted and on a yet to be determine date, will be installed on the southwest quadrant of Drexel Circle.

At the time of the Spanish-American War (1898) and Camp Bushnell’s establishment, the American Flag consisted of 45 stars.

Originally published in Historical Herald, Fall 2018

November 11, 2020: We are please to update this article to announce that the official unveiling of the Camp Bushnell plaque at Drexel Circle was unveiled November 11, 2020.

The Camp Bushnell plaque at Broad and Drexel in Bexley Ohio

Present were members of the Board of Directors of the Bexley Historical Society, Mayor Ben Kessler and City Council Member Lori Ann Feibel.

The placque is located on Drexel Avenue, in the northwest quadrant. Be sure to stop by and enjoy a bit of Bexley history.

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