Bexley Century Homes – Celebrating Homes 100 Years or More

Bexley Public Library and the Bexley Historical Society are honoring Bexley’s homes of 100 years or more with special markers. These markers have been generously funded by the Paige and Mike Crane Fund of the Bexley Community Foundation.

If your home was built by 1923 or older, and you would like a marker to display in your front yard, please contact us at

Eligible homes will receive a sign, which can be picked up at Bexley Public Library during regular business hours. We’ll also be distributing the signs at various community events. Participants will also have their address listed in a registry of Bexley Century Homes.

Interested in learning more about the history of your house? Check out these resources and attend a House History class, or contact BPL’s Local History Librarian, David, at


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    Shirley Weisenberger says:

    Hello my Name is Shirley Weisenberger and I received a postcard in regards to my Century Home. Is there a possible way that a sign marker could be delivered to my house? Thank you

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